Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NetGalley Disables Kindle Button

Hello fellow bloggers.  This post is to inform you all of some very bad news for fellow Kindle owners.  Especially for those of you who were using NetGalley to download E-Arc's for the DAC Challenge.
Are you sitting down?

NetGalley has "temporarily" disabled the Kindle button.  

What does this mean?  Well, it means the site does not support the Kindle at this time.  The email I received said:

“You may notice a slight change in NetGalley when you next log in: where’s my Kindle button? Due to changes in the way Amazon’s personal document delivery service works, we’ve had to temporarily disable the Kindle button. All of our other reading options will still be available, in accordance with what the publisher enables for each particular title.”

NetGalley did not say when this issue would be resolved, but did say that they are “working on a way to reintroduce this reading option just as soon as we can!”  Apparently, they are having an issue with the email function and Amazon being able to convert the document. 

Ok, so my question is, why can't they just have a button for readers to download a PDF file?  Then we could have Amazon do the converting on our own if we want to OR just read it as a PDF on our devices.  At least this way, Kindle users could still read the E-ARCs.  Without the PDF option, the kindle is truly NOT a supported device on this site any more.

So, fellow bloggers, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  How will this affect those of you who have kindle e-readers?  Is this the first time you are hearing this?  If you knew about it previously, do you have any updated information to add?  I for one am deeply distraught!  I was on a roll with reading these to satisfy some of the DAC requirement.  Now I am forced to wait until the books are released.  Sad, sad day.....


  1. Oh no!


    *stunned silence*

    So you can't download the book and then send it to your Kindle?


  2. No because they disabled the "Kindle Button". The Download Galley option is in a format the Kindle doesn't recognize. Its an Adobe protected format.

    Maybe someone knows how to convert this type of document into kindle format, but I don't think its possible.

    I'm very unhappy! NetGalley won't allow Kindle users to get PDF files either. This was our only other viable option. I guess for the time being...we are screwed!

  3. I have books on Netgalley waiting for me to download, but obviously I can't.

    I got an email from Netgalley yesterday saying that they were hoping the Kindle button would be reinstated in the next couple of weeks. I do hope so!

  4. @Slowest Bookworm: The more I research this the bleaker it looks. I think its all about protecting the copyright of the book.

  5. But it's the publishers that put them on there and give you the go ahead isn't it? Is it because books are getting pirated or something?

  6. UPDATE: Still not fixed yet! I wrote NetGalley and they said they are working on it around the clock, but have no idea when this issue will be resolved.


  7. @Slowest Bookworm - Good thought, but its the publisher who chooses to acknowledge your request and send you the file to read. If the publisher didn't think your blog was ligit... they'd just deny your request.

    I think it may be a little deeper than this... maybe amazon is missing the revenues for this, especially due to the DAC. I think about a million people had already read Unearthly before it was released, judging from all the review I saw on the blog-o-sphere.

  8. The Kindle option should be back in March!! :D

  9. @Small Review - OMG I'm in total disbelief. :-) Thanks for the update!

  10. You're welcome! As soon as I heard, I came here. I was all, "I HAVE TO TELL GINA!!!" :P


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