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Book Reviews: Allegiance


Publisher: Harlequin Teen; Original edition (February 28, 2012)
Length: 512 pages
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley.com
Genre: YA, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
Series: Yes, Book 2 of 3
Completed: March 2012
Challenges: 2012 Mammoth Book Challenge, 2012 Finish the Series Challenge, 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge, 2012 E-Book Challenge, 2012 Sophomore Reading Challenge, 2012 2nd Challenge, 2012 YA/MG Fantasy Challenge


This book picks right up where Legacy left off.  Alera and Steldor get married and they are carrying on as King and Queen of Hytanica.  All the while, Alera, though married to Steldor, still finds her heart belongs to Narian.  As Steldor becomes more and more frustrated with Alera's avoidance of consummating the marriage, at least he has a Kingdom to look after to help occupy his time away from home and serve as a distraction to his marital shortcomings. You see, the evil War Lord of Cokqui is moving forces and it appears Hytanica will be imminently at war. But the man leading the war, is Narian.  Will Queen Alera be able to sever her romantic ties and face him as her enemy?


Cayla Kluver wrote Legacy when she was only 14 years old!  Both her parents are lawyers.  In overwhelming support to jump start Cayla's writing career, her mother started a publishing company and first published Legacy.  As they had both hoped, the story was picked up by a bigger publisher, AmazonEncore.  Eventually, it attracted the attention of Harlequin Teen. Sporting a newly designed cover image, Legacy was republished June 28th, 2011.  Its book one of The Legacy Trilogy.  The second book Allegiance is set to be released at the end of February 2012. Sacrifice, the final installment of the trilogy also has a 2012 release date slated.

Brisk in the beginning, picking up to downright fast near the middle and the end, Legacy is an exhilarating read. The writing style is far less descriptive than in the first book. Instead, the author becomes more of a storyteller, than a description addict. The novel is set in the fictional city of Hytanica, sometime in the distant past. Alera remains the narrator and her story is told in a first person narrative.


It was easy for me to become a Steldor fan, in this novel and move towards being an Alera hater, instead of just tolerating her as I did in the first book.  I detested the way she treated Steldor, when it was obvious how much he'd changed after they were married.  He transformed into a caring and thoughtful man, plus he was so very handsome how could she continue to resist him?  I was very touched when he even went as far as to give her a kitten to lift her spirits.  It also aggravated me how most of everything bad happening in the story was a result of Alera's stupidity or carelessness.  In the end though, Alera did manage to change for the better, nearly redeeming herself in my eyes.

Please don't let Alera ruin the potential of a enchanting read.  There are so many other fantastic characters in this novel, and as readers, we are blessed to learn a more detailed history of quite a few from the last book. The elusive London's story is finally unveiled.  It just made my adoration for his character blossom.  Also, Steldor's father, Cannon found a path to my heart, quickly becoming another one of my favorites, with his fair and kind rulership of the Hytanican people.

This book had an engaging plot which revolves around Alera coming to terms with her arranged marriage to Steldor, while concurrently learning to deal with the affects and aftermath of a country at war.


Any reader who liked Legacy will LOVE Allegiance.  If you like great story telling, an involved plot and strong world building, then don't miss out on this phenomenal story.  


There is something so very captivating about this series.  Its just plain old fantastic story telling.  Even though this book is over the 400+ page length, it never felt like it was dragging - ever.  I found it absolutely effortless to race to the end.  Nothing about this story bored me, mostly I found myself totally immersed in this nail-bitting plot, wondering what would happen next. 

World building was both intricate and phenomenal.  Every time I read this book it felt like I was transported into a different time. The author is very young, but extremely talented and gifted.  She has the ability to make me feel like I was right there in the midst of it all.  The way she writes allows the reader to really get to know all the characters.  There are so many, as I read I began to get the feeling like they were all a part of my family.  I loathed some, loved others and was totally invested in all most every individual I read about. They made me laugh, cry and root for them all the way to the bitter end.

The ending was fair, not predictable and felt like it reached closer.  The series could have ended with this book, but after reading the Prologue it looks like there is still a bit of strategy and war left to be played out.  It is a rare book that has this type of effect on me, especially one in this particular genre  - historical fiction/fantasy.  It really shocked me how much I enjoyed reading this story.  I'm almost sad its over.  I can't wait for book three to see where the author will take this epic tale.


I can't even fathom taking a single star away from this amazing book, then when you add to it the age of the author who wrote it, its becomes almost unfathomable.  Wow!  An all around great read....

5 out of 5 Rings


  1. Such a fantastic review! I haven't read Legacy yet, but I want to because all of these books looks amazing! Happy reading!


    1. You should give the series a try. I had no idea I would like it as much as I did. The first book is a bit slow with lots and lots of extra details about every little thing, but if you can overcome that, it really is a compelling read.

    2. Yeah, I got the first one on Netgalley a while back and I just need to find time to read it. Thanks for the advice though.


  2. Hehe, yes, I am a total Alera hater :P I'm really glad you're liking the series! I didn't realize the third book was set for release this year. That's great!

  3. It seems like everyone hates Alera, which makes me reluctant to try this one out, but what you say about the series being so engrossing has got me really curious! And that you could still love this even without liking the MC is very intriguing.


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